A Call to Practice.  A place to Be.  A space to Breathe…

When you crave the gentle rhythm of inner calm in a busy world, More is rarely the answer.
Learning to BE, leaning into trust, and creating space for connection are footsteps on the path to Serenity.  Peace. Calm.  

Welcome to the quiet room

An online space (zoom room), where people gather in a call to practice, to be and breathe… 

Your spiritual path is welcome here, to sit and weave with others as we consciously choose to sit in practice, so that we may deepen our connection to Self, Source and each other.

The Quiet Room has a collective of highly experienced practitioners who are bringing their energy into this space in service to us all and the creation of a kinder world.  

We offer a variety of energetic practices which you are welcome to join as and when it feels good for you. Unless a session specifically invites conversation, please consider each session a sacred space that is created with the utmost care for a beautiful energetic connection to self and source.

The heartbeat of The Quiet Room is Morning Practice

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you are invited to join us in Practice between 7 – 8 am (UK time).  The Practice takes us through the 12 pathways of Embody Your Essence with The Energetic Self Success System, a channelled energy system that works body mind spirit.  Each practice brings a new opportunity to deepen connection and create space for peace within. 

Interspersed throughout the month will be various meditations, prayer circles, conversations and wisdom sharings.  These will be offered on differing days and times in the week.


Each Sunday evening, you will receive a love note and email, with a reminder of the week’s agenda.  No need to book anything, you are free to turn up as and when it feels good for you.  

The invitation to join us in The Quiet Room is open to all and we ask for an energetic exchange in the form of a love donation, to what feels good for you at any given time.  The link will be included in the weekly emails and all contributions will be gratefully received.  If you would prefer to set up a monthly fixed payment our suggestion would be £22 per month.  If this is your preferred option, please email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to share bank details for you to set that up.  

We look forward to welcoming you into The Quiet Room.

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