This might be the first time in your life where you’re able to ask... “But what about me?”

If the journey for you now isn’t about adding more layers of varnish to an already great-looking life, you’re in the right place.

I’m not here to promise you a fairytale ending.

There are plenty of so-called gurus, energy healers and coaches that will, but I won’t insult your intelligence by promising that a new man/making 7-figures/losing 10 pounds will complete you.

I’m more comfortable in wellies then high-heels (literally, those skyscrapers are crippling) and I don’t do fluffy nonsense.

My generation of trailblazing women raised in the 1970s were taught to get our needs met outside ourselves – in marriage, motherhood and career.

Is it any wonder we look outside ourselves for answers?

I will never tell you what to do.

Instead I’ll sit alongside you like a trusted friend, the one who really sees you in all your magnificence, exactly as you are. I’m the one you can talk to about anything – from travelling the world and finding your voice so you can write that book, to heart chakras or sex in your fifties.

This is the truth:

You won’t find the answers you seek in talking, coaching or therapy alone. They’re not found in a bit of tapping, meditation, Reiki or yoga. The crystals, Tarot and pendulums won’t help on their own. All these things can be helpful to a point, and we can make incredible progress with them.


Real and lasting change comes when we understand ourselves as a beautiful and whole body-mind-spirit energetic system.

When we do that, wholeness becomes about being with ourselves, without reaching out to anyone or anything outside to feel connected.

And that’s magic.

My gift is to be able to meet you in your energetic frequency and see you as you truly are (perhaps for the first time in your life).

I’ll lovingly guide you to reconnect with your true north… and rediscover the magic within, after decades of looking after others.

Think of me as a traffic controller – only I don’t direct cars, but energy. Because when our energy flows smoothly, so too does our life.

In a world that so often seems chaotic and off-course, my wish is for us all to return to our inner knowing.

The truth is there’s no need to look outside for what you need;
you already have the best navigation system within you.

I'll show you how to activate it.

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